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The Fitbit app recently hit the top of the charts for iOS so I think it’s worth taking a deeper dive to answer the question:


Is Fitbit the right app for you – and your health & fitness goals?

In this brief review, I’ll let you know what the app does, how it works, relevant reviews, as well as my own opinion.


What the Fitbit app does – in one sentence:

The Fitbit app helps you live a healthier, more active life by tracking your activity, sleep, heart rate and diet.


What else does the Fitbit app do?

The Fitbit app does a lot of shit, er, I mean, stuff. Obviously the app works better if you have the Fitbit device that automatically records your movement and optionally your heart rate. With these two basic measurements, you can automatically track your activity and lack thereof (aka, rest and sleep).

But I think what a lot of people don’t know is that you don’t need a Fitbit device to use the app. You can track things like exercise and diet by entering them directly into the app. For example, you can use the barcode scanner to scan in foods with barcodes (while keeping in mind that food with barcodes may not be the healthiest option available!) and thereby estimate the amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats you consume.

Finally, you can track your weight either by entering it in manually or by connecting to a device that automatically communicates with the app.


What’s my opinion on the Fitbit app?

I’ve never used the app but overall I think it’s a great tool to use for improving your overall health and fitness. If it helps motivate you to move more, sleep better and eat healthier, you’ll likely see and feel some major changes in your biology and physiology. Win-win for you.

But… as I discussed in my review of the MyFitnessPal app, you probably don’t want to get too caught up in the game of minimizing calories while maximizing activity. That can be a recipe for disaster.

I’d rather think of these apps as tools to give you some indication of where you’re at. Track these things for a few weeks or months until you get to a healthy level of activity and diet; then, once things change – or if you feel you need the tracking for motivation – then, by all means, pick up the Fitbit app and get back to tracking!



Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale and (of course) Fitbit.



iOS, Android, Windows Phone


Salient reviews:

4.0 Stars: “Like the community feature, pretty encouraging and inspirational. I wish you could filter people out of your feed, some people post irrelevant things. It’s a health app people, no one cares about your outfits. Not Fitbit’s fault by no means though….Would love if they added a “Notes” feature for the workouts section. Sometimes I want to remind myself about things after my workout like physical improvements, my mood, amount of weights used etc. How cool would it be to look back as I progress through my fitness goals! Take it a step further and add the photo feature to track your Before and Afters!Also, The “categorize workout” feature is limited, I do a lot of HIIT and that isn’t an option when searching. I could always note that if there was a note section”

5.0 Stars: “The app is awesome. It not only updates as you go, it syncs every time you open it. The opportunities for connection with friends and community are awesome. I just wish that it would also link to my Apple Health app. Otherwise it’s great and easy to use!”


Your thoughts:

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