iOS Developer, Quora: Where to find in Denver, Colorado?

Where do I find a site that would introduce me to fellow (yet more experienced) iOS developers who would be interested in partnering to make an app?

It depends…

If you only need someone to write iOS code (rather than create/understand WHAT app you’re building and why, design the app, manage the project, build the app, promote the app, deploy the app, and so on)…

You have quite a few options. You can look for an iOS developer by going to various tech-type meetups (like New Tech), craigslist or Upwork. These can be good options if you are experienced with software development and managing people within them.

Otherwise… You may need someone beyond just an iOS coder to help you flesh out and validate your idea so that you build the right product for your users and customers (as well as investors).

That is, you want someone with both tech and business experience. In this case, you’ll have a hard time finding it in one person.

What you should do is find an agency or consultancy with both the technical (iOS) and business (ROI) skills to accomplish your job. You’ll also want to make sure you have an expert in User Experience (UX) so that you build an app that people will get the most out of.

You can contact us and we can see if what’s the best fit for your particular situation. (Perhaps we can help you build your iOS app!) We’re happy to chat. Blog Comments
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