Pushh – mHealth App of the Day


Pushh – mHealth App of the Day

Category: Health and Fitness

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3.0 stars for 10 ratings



What it does:

The app title says it all:  “keep track of your fitness selfies”

Pushh lets you take photos of yourself on a regular basis in the mirror and thereby keep track of your progress over time photographically.


In their words:

“Pushh is an app that helps you keep track of your fitness selfies.”



iCloud, HealthKit, TouchID, FitBit





Salient reviews:

***** “The version 2 release is a great update. The app does one thing and does it well.”

**** “I’ve been using you app for 6 months and have loads of photos of my body changing. Great app. Sadly the new version does not appear to open my previous photos and just crashes instantly when launched :-(”

* “The app is awesome but now it closes every 3 seconds and I can’t even use it”






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